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Aug 22, 2019

Segment One: 

What would the RV Wingman do if he owned an RV Dealership? He shares some thoughts in a hypothetical what-if scenario and how he thinks some RVers would welcome the idea. Plus the wordiest parking lot sign in the world? It just could be!

Segments Two & Three: 

After only 9 months being full-time RVers, The RV Odd Couple made $5,000 in one month. What did it take to do this? What’s their secret? Are there any shortcuts? Do YOU have what it takes to make $5,000 a month from YouTube? The RV Odd Couple is now helping others to achieve their own success and avoid making many time consuming and costly mistakes. This interview will provide a glimpse at what makes the RV Odd Couple a success and may help inspire you in finding your own path towards generating a good income while enjoying the RV Lifestyle. 

Segment Four:

Meteorologist and Emergency Preparedness specialist Cheryl Nelson shares her thoughts on being prepared for any kind of natural emergency. From storms and floods to fires and earthquakes, most Americans are not properly prepared. Cheryl also discusses how a Cummins Generator (at home on in your RV) can provide the peace of mind to get you through most disasters (while keeping the lights on and keep you cool in the process).