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Oct 3, 2019

Segment One: The RV Wingman recently returned from Elkhart, Indiana with a new perspective on the RV Industry and the small town that so many RV Manufacturers call home. In this monologue, he suggests that we can all benefit if we are open to changing our minds. It’s not easy but it can be done.

Segment Two: It’s the 3rd brick wall that John and Mercedes have experienced since their full-time RVing adventure began last year. What difficulties do these full-timers experience and how will they get through them? They also share their experience with the folks at the Forest River Sandpiper Plant when they returned to have some work done on their 5th wheel. Let’s just say the treatment they received was not what they expected.

Segment Three: PPL’s Diana LeBlanc-Link dishes on a variety of subjects including the awesome kids in FFA (and their parents), how every night in a campground is like Neighborhood Night Out, why she is taking Tuesday Tips on the Road and more in this fast moving, fun segment.

Segment Four: In this monologue, The RV Wingman tells of how he wanted to kill one of his friends after doing something incredibly stupid. Then he shares and embarrassing tale of how his stupendously stupid decision to take on a mountain lion could have ended in disaster. The takeaway of this monologue? We are all capable of doing things that we will regret (if we live through the experience).