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The RV Show USA

Apr 24, 2020

Hi it’s the RV Wingman…comin’ up…on The RV Show USA


We’ll visit with one o’ the most enthusiastic…and Likeable Sales People in the RV Industry….


We’ll Check in with our friends from Flagstaff…an’ FIND out… why “some RV Dealers”…. May actually “give ya’ a Free...

Feb 7, 2020

RV News (some of it crazy) on The RV Show USA

The RV Wingman provides a couple of recent headlines in the way of RVs, RVers and news that RVers are interested in as well as his thoughts on changing your video diet (intake) of junk videos on YouTube and a gentle suggestion to focus on less drama and more on solid...

Dec 13, 2019

What do E.T. and the Wingman have in common?

The RV Wingman was told that he needed to be Liked by everyone in the RV Industry and to stop saying anything negative if The RV Show USA had any chance of succeeding. In January, the popular show celebrates 3 years of being on the air and things are going better than ever...

Dec 6, 2019

Is The RV Dummy really a Dummy?

Dr. Dave aka: The RV Dummy joins the RV Wingman for his first (and not to be last) show appearance on The RV Show USA. What a fantastic guy; smart, enthusiastic, helpful, approachable and super honest. Dr. Dave shares a couple of stories with the Wingman. This man’s enthusiasm for RVing...

Jan 21, 2017

  Alan’s wife Lisa calls the Show, Tim Wassberg, Editor or shares his enthusiasm for finding great out-of-the-way places and fascinating people that are a part of making the RV Lifestyle so popular and our Destination of the Week (Pecan Park Riverside’s David Rowley.