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Jul 16, 2021

On Wednesday's Live Stream, we visited with Mike Sokol (about his top secret research project) about "Green RVs and Electric Tow Vehicles". How's his Test going? What is he learning? Is the Ford F-150 PowerBoost everything the company claims? And how long will the battery power last when towing a travel trailer? So many questions and we'll ask 'em all. FYI, Mike Sokol is the nation's foremost authority on Electric and Solar power and none of the participants in his Test are paying him a dime. Let's see what he has to report.

While much of the south has been able to avoid 100 degree temps so far this summer, those in the west are sweltering and many predict the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded could be broken in the coming weeks. Is there any way to keep cool in your RV in triple-digits? And what's the downside of so many campgrounds that are being built in a "flood plain?" We'll discuss some do's and don'ts with Diana LeBlanc-Link.

And we'll start the live stream by breaking a new song by show friend, fellow RVer and world-class guitar player Roger "Hurricane" Wilson called "Everything is going to be OK".

So lots going on and an opportunity to visit with you LIVE. Join us starting at 7pm CT on Wednesday. We'll save a seat for ya'.

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