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Jun 29, 2020

A designated driver needed to buy an RV?


In this opening segment of The RV Show USA, the Wingman provides some ideas worth considering if you are going to buy a new RV. Do you really need a designated “driver”? Well, not exactly but you could benefit from the suggestions made in this quick segment; especially if you are new to the RV buying process. Plus, the Wingman discusses the difference between hearing and listening. Think you know the difference? And does it even matter?


RV Customer Service rep feels for RVers with problems!


In spite of her youth, Flagstaff/Rockwood Customer Service representative Melissa Hoover is extremely passionate about providing the best ownership experience possible for every owner of one of their brands. In this short interview with the Wingman, Melissa shares what she would do if a dealer tried to sell an RV that wasn’t “campground ready”. What a breath of fresh air to hear a customer service representative that truly CARES about the customer.


Tire expert talks blowouts and China Bombs!


There’s nobody more knowledgeable in the country when it comes to RV tires than Roger Marble. A retired tire engineer for more than 40 years, Roger’s experience with tires includes working with Indy car winners (too many names to mention). He also performed “autopsies” on tires to determine the true cause of “failure”. How does Roger feel about blowouts? Is there such a thing as China Bombs? What’s the one thing he would tell his friend before buying a set of tires? Find out the answers and more in this conversation with Alan Warren, The RV Wingman.