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Feb 7, 2020

RV News (some of it crazy) on The RV Show USA

The RV Wingman provides a couple of recent headlines in the way of RVs, RVers and news that RVers are interested in as well as his thoughts on changing your video diet (intake) of junk videos on YouTube and a gentle suggestion to focus on less drama and more on solid advice that will help avoid future problems. 

A Culture of Alcohol and Drug use in RV Industry?

The RV Wingman continues his conversation with Karl Miller, Operations Manager for Rockwood/Flagstaff and asks about some of the assertions being made by others on social media who are critical of RV manufacturers. In particular, we get an insiders thoughts on the assertion of the high employee turn-over and the subject of illicit drug use by the employees who are actually building RVs. This interview is  part of the ongoing RV Education Initiative to improve communications between the RV Industry and Consumers, #20-05.  

Nation’s Largest Consignment RV Dealer speaks

Being in business for a half-century, PPL Motorhomes’ president Diana LeBlanc-Link has built a monster of a consignment RV dealership with a focus on selling used RVs. Diana shares some of her tips for those visiting consumer RV shows that will help them make better decisions and avoid some costly mistakes. 

Bigger is not always Better with RV Dealers

One of the biggest mistakes RV buyers make (especially first-time buyers and newbies) is assuming that the “awe factor” of the outside of a giant RV Dealership is a sign of the kind of service that dealer provides its customers after the sale. “Not so” says Cannon Combs, RV Industry veteran. In this short interview, you’ll learn why Big and Fancy does not mean Professional and Speedy! We also learn of RV Station’s new Camper Class; open to RVers no matter where they purchased their RV (or if they even own one). Let us know what you think by posting a comment or call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman. We may play your call on the show and send you a prize.