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Aug 29, 2019

Segment One:

When most RV Dealers nationally are experiencing a significant downturn in their business in 2019; not all are. The RV Wingman tries to dig in to RV Station’s secrets of success with its owner, Cannon Combs. How does a seasoned veteran of the RV Industry feel about the future of the Industry? What does he see around the corner? Are we headed for another repeat of 2008-2009? Is a crash inevitable? Or, will this be a time when the “cream” rises to the top? In this short chat, you’ll get a good feel for the “Why” Cannon’s RV Dealerships are continuing to do well (even in a slowing economy).

Segment Two:

Cory and Brooke Blackmon are so passionate about camping, they are so happy spending time in the out-of-doors, that they even asked for a “Tent” on their wedding registry! Since that time, their family has grown and so has their love for camping. The Tent has been replaced by an RV and this normal family from Georgia are now called the “Wandering Weekends” on their YouTube Channel. Although they have “real jobs” most of the week, Cory and Brooke spend some 20 weekends a year enjoying the RV Lifestyle and teaching their kids some valuable lessons.

Segment Three:

It’s been 20 years since TRVA has given the prestigious “Bill White Award” to one of its members. Earlier this month, Diana LeBlanc-Link (RV Nana) from PPL Motorhomes was totally blindsided when TRVA recognized her as a true leader in the RV Industry in Texas; someone who is always helping others in a selfless manner and in countless ways. Diana shares her thoughts about receiving this special award as well as the important work that TRVA does for RVers in her home state of Texas.

Segment Four: 

The RV Wingman has landed a good one with Josh Winters, The RV Nerd! Josh joins the show for his first appearance and shares some of his background in the RV Industry. Known by RVers and the RV Industry as a “straight shooter”, Josh The RV Nerd has built a huge following on his YouTube Channel; where he reviews RVs but also provides some editorial/commentary that truly separates him from others who are simply Salespeople in the RV World. What fires Josh up? What motivates him? What kind of pushback does he receive from the RV Industry when he says things that may go against the grain? Find out in this short but informative interview between The RV Wingman and The RV Nerd!