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Aug 18, 2019

Segment One: Have you ever heard of a tire blowout happening when a tire was sitting still? It happens more often that most people know. The RV Wingman gives his account of this freak blowout and attempts to explain it in not-so-technical terms. Plus, did you know that Ford F-350’s come with a reserve fuel tank? That’s what one RVer believed. Is this really true?

Segment Two: RVers Jerry and Jeani Codrey are full-time RVers who make a good living while traveling the country. Sometimes their travels are interrupted. Most recently, by a duck named “Jeff”. The Codrey’s share the story of their feathered friend as well as discuss how they are able to make a fine living and live for free in some of the best campgrounds in the nation.

Segment Three: Are YOU ready for an RV Emergency? Crisis situations happen when we least expect them and being prepared can sometimes make the difference between life and death. In this informative segment, PPL Motorhomes’s Diana LeBlanc-Link (aka: RV Nana) shares some of the things on her RV Emergency List.

Segment Four: Roger "Hurricane" Wilson joins The RV Wingman to discuss changes happening to his 2019 Rolling RV Rally, music, and more.