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Feb 28, 2020

There are many differences between an RV and a sticks and bricks home. You may be in love with all the bells and whistles of the RV, The Lights, Counters, Layout.. But have you ever stopped to think about the every day essential areas that might make you rethink that particular floor plan. The RV Wingman has some advice for 1st time buyers.

What is one thing we all do before signing any paperwork? We scheduled a walk through where we take that roll of blue tape and mark every imperfection we find in the house. Doors, Cabinets, Light Fixtures, what ever doesn't meet our standard we MARK IT! In this Ask The Manufacturer Segment #20-07 The RV Wingman Visits with Karl Miller (Operations Manger for Rockwood/Flagstaff) about the one thing he could change in the RV Industry to make for a better Customer Experience. Find out what Karl has to say.

Got a question you would like us to Ask The Manufacturer? Leave us a comment or a voicemail at 1-330-Wingman.


Jack & Barb Wilson purchased a beautiful #Winnebago Motorhome and were ready to join the RV Lifestyle Dream. That Dream quickly turned into a nightmare, not on their first camping trip, but on their drive home. Over 30+ defects on this brandnew Motorhome and nobody seems to want to help them. The Wingman visits with The Wilson's to learn more about the LEMON RV and how they have done their best to make Lemonade or Lemon Drops? #TheRVShowUSA #RVWingman #Winnebago