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Nov 22, 2019

Segment 1: Crazy Camper or a Sexist Wingman?

A disillusioned Newbie RVer is steaming mad at the Wingman and for reasons that are somewhat unusual to say the least. This is an example of how Good Advice can be misinterpreted. In this monologue the Wingman responds to an “odd email” with a message of Responsibility. Further, he suggests that accepting responsibility and being a happy camper go hand in glove and why those who are unwilling to accept responsibility might not be cut out to be an RVer.

Segment 2:

Enjoy The Journey Joins The RV Wingman

Tom and Cheri Kennemore ignored the opinions of others when they shared their dream of living full-time in an RV. Instead, they set a course for chasing adventure while living on the road. After 5 years of travel and years of producing videos of their adventures on Enjoy The Journey, Tom and Cheri have advice for others who may be facing obstacles or strange looks from others who don’t understand what freedom of the road can mean to those with a lust for travel. From visiting the dentist in Mexico to exploring hidden gems, Tom and Cheri share their fascinating story with The RV Wingman. #enjoythejourney

Segment 3:

Wintering in South Texas- Is it safe?

If one only listens and watches the news, stories abound about tragedy along border states. But the reality is far from that. The reality according to Kristi Collier is that the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas is among the safest communities in the country. It’s also a mecca for those seeking warmer climate when the snow begins falling up north. Low cost of living, warm and sunny weather, friendly people, excellent health care and an abundance of activities makes South Texas a growing favorite for Winter Texans and “Converted Texans” as well. #wintertexans

Segment 4:

The Can-Man joins the Wingman!

RV Industry Veteran Cannon Combs, has an extraordinarily busy life. With 5 young kids who provide him with endless “excitement” and a wife who keeps them on track, Cannon joins the Wingman to discuss “Expectations”. What are realistic expectations RV buyers should have when buying a used RV? Why are having realistic expectations important? What’s the latest on Cannon’s new store opening and why are folks in central Texas cheering? It’s another fun, informative and funny visit with one of Texas’ most respected and loved RV dealers. #rvnation


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