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Feb 3, 2020

Harry & Meghan, a Wife Beating RV Dealer, Poop and more!

Did you see the fake news about Harry and Meghan becoming RVers? Think you’re pretty good at spotting fake news? I’m not so sure any of us are. One of the country’s largest RV Dealers has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault of his wife (by smashing her head into the asphalt). This is not only a story about a bad man but it stinks to high heaven (as 4 judges have recused themselves from the case). I told you it stinks! And wiping your hiney never felt so good as it does with a substitute for toilet paper you may want to consider. Disgusting! 


Get the most out of an RV Show

Out and About with RV Nana January 29, 2020- It's a Frenzy time of year for RVers going to RV Shows. Diana LeBlanc-Link gives us some great ideas on making the most of our attending RV Shows as well as some ideas on how NOT to be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous Dealer. Post your comments and let us know what you think. We try our best to respond to everyone. Better yet, leave your thoughts and comments on our voicemail and we may play it on the air and send you a prize. Our 24/7 voicemail number is 1-330-Wingman.


Spotting a JUNK RV

Karl Miller, Operations Manager for Flagstaff/Rockwood talks about “How to become a smarter RVer” by knowing the signs to look out for when shopping for an RV in determining the difference between an RV of quality versus one where shortcuts have been taken. 


Yucky Water in your RV!

So, how clean is the water coming out of your RV’s faucet? Do you know? We’ll talk about what’s trapped inside an RVs water filter as well as a look into the hot water heater of an old RV. It will certainly make you think about the water coming out of the tap. Post your comments and let us know what you think.