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May 18, 2019

In this hour of the RV Show USA:

- Talk about an adventurous life!!!! Roger "Hurricane" Wilson joins The RV Wingman for a walk down memory lane with one of the most talented musicians around. Avid RV're, songwriter, bad-ass guitarist, former CNN Reporter and all-round good guy also talks about his upcoming Rolling RV Rally that begins in August, 2019.

- Too many RVers make false assumptions about their Roadside Assistance Plan but when they need help, they learn the ugly truth. Not all Roadside Assistance Plans are the same. Alan Warren, The RV Wingman hosts Stacy Fendley with Coach-Net and learns why more and more RVers are making Coach-Net their Roadside Protection Plan of choice. Let us know what you think of your Roadside Protection Plan. Call us at 1-330-Wingman

- What happens when a guest doesn't show up on Live Radio? You move to Plan B! That's no problem for our father/daughter duo. Miss Katy does some gloating from her show appearance last week and listeners sound off. Plus, you'll hear another bizarre email from someone in the RV Industry who's blaming the Wingman for him losing his job. Let us know what you think. Call our 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman