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Jul 27, 2020

The RV Wingman asks “What the hell”?  

The emails pour into the RV Wingman’s inbox every week. Many of them are complaints from angry RVers and justifiably so. Others leave him scratching his head and wondering “what in the world”? That’s the situation he talks about in this opening Segment of The RV Show USA when a first-time buyer asks for advice in how “not to get taken”. You won’t believe what this buyer expects from his RV dealer. The problem is, the buyer has no idea that his expectations and requirements for purchase will likely NEVER be met by a single dealer in the country. Find out what this buyer expects and how the comments/advice the Wingman has for him.

Does anyone in the RV Industry really listen to RVers?

Kenny Miller, Lead design engineer for the Flagstaff/Rockwood division of Forest River discusses what happens “behind closed doors” at the plant as well as how they view comments, input and suggestions from RVers regarding future product changes. And Kenny shares one thing that; in the Wingman’s opinion helps separate Flagstaff/Rockwood from so many other manufacturers. This is episode #20-30 in our Ask the Manufacturer series.

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