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Jul 20, 2020

The Wingman is worried about this Military Vet

The RV Wingman receives emails and voice messages on a regular basis and does his best to get back to everyone. So many people need some advice. So many people are concerned. What’s the right thing to do? In this short segment, the Wingman reads a recent email from a veteran suffering from PTSD and is on SSDI. With a very limited budget, this military hero purchased a 20 year old motorhome sight unseen. He’s going to take delivery of it and now he’s asking for some help and advice. Will the Wingman sugar-coat his response? Will the Wingman provide some helpful advice that you can learn from? Take a quick listen and decide for yourself.


So “THAT’s how they do it!”

The Wingman garnered some interview time with the Lead Design Engineer from the Rockwood/Flagstaff division of Forest River to discuss how they go about implementing new designs into their RVs. Kenny Miller shares the “how” changes in RVs take place as well as some of the things he looks at when he walks in an RV. You may be surprised at how he sees things as compared to how you may see things in this episode 20-29 in our Ask the Manufacturer series.


Addicted to bringing joy to others. Literally!

The Wingman finds a guest with a heart of gold in Las Vegas. She also has an addiction; a healthy addiction that brings joy to thousands of complete strangers with a very simple “act” of kindness. Evidently, it’s an act of kindness to strangers that has captured the imagination of tens of thousands of others (including many RVers) across the nation. In today’s challenging and divisive times, the Wingman thought a story about kindness and the people that bring kindness to others would be a welcome break from the non-stop negativity that surrounds us.