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Jul 13, 2020

Are all RVs really Junk? The Wingman talks trash!


The Wingman shares the story of a man he met who’s on his 4th RV in 2 years, the tens of thousands of dollars he lost in that 2 year period and other mistakes he made along the way. It’s an eye-opening (and sobering) monologue with some words of advice for any buyer of a new RV that should be heeded. Plus, it’s another “thank you” from a man who just received more than $5,000 back when he followed the Wingman’s instructions on how to Cancel a Good Sam ESP. Great info. Sobering, but great.


Just say NO to your RV Dealer!


One of the most common complaints the Wingman hears from consumers is one that could’ve been avoided entirely. In this Ask the Manufacturer Segment, Flagstaff/Rockwood Customer Service representative Melissa Hoover give her advice to consumers who’re buying a new RV that isn’t campground ready. She also discusses the importance of understanding your RV’s warranty and the difference between Owner’s responsibilities and those of the Manufacturer and how to approach making a warranty claim.

And more!