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Mar 6, 2020

Time to PANIC about the Corona Virus?

Description- How easy is it for someone to push your emotional buttons? Is the media feeding you solid information or are they regurgitating info to satisfy the desire for drama? The Wingman shares his thoughts about the Corona Virus and suggestions on what to do and what NOT to do during this Health crisis.


Lights and Lipstick Part One

What is a leading cause of trading in an RV prematurely and losing a ton of money on the trade? In this short segment, you’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes that seems to get the best of many RV buyers. Looking beneath the lights and lipstick and knowing what to look for is the topic discussed by Steve Beyeler, Sales Operations at Rockwood/Flagstaff. Let us know your thoughts. Leave a message on our 24 hour voicemail at 1-330-Wingman



How to Stay on Budget living as Full-Timers!


Planning a realistic budget is one of the most important, yet most ignored parts of deciding if Full-Time RV living is right for you. According to the Wingman, too many people go into full-time RV living with the misconception about the true cost of living. Most people underestimate the cost and consequently, are forced to make drastic adjustments to their lifestyle. In this interview, the Wingman finds out how one full timing couple stays ON budget along with their advice for others who are considering living in their home on wheels.


Time is RUNNING OUT with your kids!

You only have 18 summers with your kids before they leave the nest! That’s exactly what Ben & Charity DeVries from Grateful Glamper thought when they decided to venture into the RV Lifestyle. From a Dream board to Reality, hear how Ben & Charity accomplished their dream as they visit with the RV Wingman. Let us know your thoughts. Leave a message on our 24 hour voicemail at 1-330-Wingman.


This is a full version of the live recording. Lots of laughs and in between segments.