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Oct 24, 2019

Segment One: In this quick moving segment, The RV Wingman visits with his friend Roger “Hurricane” Wilson about his upcoming private concert in Texas, folks will hear about a proposed Caribbean cruise where fans of the Show can join the Wingman and our Show family for a full week on board Royal Caribbean in 2020. Plus, some feedback from one of the Wingman’s recent monologues.

Segment Two: Life changed quickly for YouTube stars Chad and Tara when they learned of a serious health condition. What was the medical diagnosis that caused them to “Change Lanes” so quickly and how has it worked out for them? Find out how this young couple is enjoying every bit of life they can while living full time in their RV. We’ll also hear some of Chad and Tara’s favorite experiences and some of their less-than-memorable moments over the past 2 years in this short interview with The RV Wingman. 

Segment Three: RV Nana from PPL Motorhomes dishes about the World Series excitement surrounding folks in Houston. PPL salutes our Veterans with a special offer and we’ll try and find out what RV Nana was doing in a Giant Rubber Ducky recently in Las Vegas! We have pictures! 

Segment Four: 

Paul and Lorena Charron began their adventure in a motorhome. Not knowing where the adventure would lead them or how long they would travel, they called this chapter in their life “The Motorhome Experiment”. Over the past 2 years, Paul and Lorena have visited hundreds of breathtaking destinations and experienced all kinds of activities and “dishes” while they are conducting “The Motorhome Experiment”. From the looks of this YouTube couple’s video, the “experiment” is a great excuse for having fun and squeezing the most out of life.