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Nov 7, 2019

Segment One: Full-timers, Part-timers, Newbies, traveling nurses, construction workers and more. There are many different kinds of RVers. But how do we define what an RVer actually is? In this monologue, the RV Wingman shares his thoughts on RVing and RVers and asks “Who made  YOU the expert?” He also has some suggestions that may help us see “those people” (who are different than we are) in a little different light. More than a consumer advocate for RVers, the RV Wingman gets a bit philosophical in this short segment.

Segments Two & Three: Tom and Cait Morton are “movers”, big time. A full-time RVing couple that’s documented their travels and adventures since 2015 on their YouTube Channel “Mortons on the Move”, Tom and Cait join the RV Wingman with stories from their epic 6-month long trip to Alaska; using in a pickup truck camper as their home base. From walking on glaciers to observing magnificent wildlife to angling for monster-size halibut, kayaking, hiking and more, the Go North series the Mortons have created will inspire and motivate you to go to Alaska (or at least to put it on your bucket list)! They also visit about their starring roles in the upcoming TV Series on the Discovery Channel called “The RVers”. Great young people and very inspiring!

Segment Four: Cannon Combs is one cool-dude. In this short interview he tells of narrowly escaping the jaws of a T-Rex in Hawaii, shares one of his phobias (spoiler alert: they have 8 legs) and gives us a preview of RV Station’s upcoming RV Class to be held on November 13 at all 7 of his Texas locations. Cannon is always a lot of fun to listen to and his life is never boring! You’ll also see understand why this dynamo of the RV Industry so well respected and successful. If there is an “it” (quality) that successful people have, Cannon Combs has that “it”.