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Nov 14, 2019

Segment One: A first-time RV buyer/owner writes to the Wingman to share his experiences and disappointment in the new (used) RV he purchased. The listener feels like he was screwed by the Seller and now feels like the Wingman is blaming him for his RV issues. This is a great example of Buyer Beware! Was the Wingman too hard on the listener? Or should the listener be responsible for his purchase?

Segment Two: Canadian full-time RVers Kent and Lisa Pederson have only been living full time in an RV for about a year. As YouTube content creators and traveling enthusiasts, the Pedersons share what motivated them to sell everything and downsize. What was the event that led them to sell everything and live in an RV? And how are they fairing living as minimalists? What advice do they have for others who decide to take this journey? Join Kent and Lisa as they visit with The RV Wingman and we learn more about “Living Light RV”.

Segment Three: RV Nana just wrapped up another successful Tuesday Tips event at PPL Motorhomes. The theme was “Home for the Holidays/RV Style”. Find out more about these fun and free, monthly events as well as what famous sports celebrity stopped by and paid a visit. Hint: He’s retired from the Houston Rockets and one of the greatest players to ever play basketball. We’ll get her read on the influx of Winter Texans that are moving to the Rio Grand Valley for the next several months and learn about her newest “baby”. Spoiler alert: It’s an RV (but it’s dolled up the way that only RV Nana can do)!

Segment Four: More and more RVers seem to be wanting to hear folks from the RV Industry (Manufacturers) as a Guest on the Show. The Wingman talks about the idea and solicits input from listeners, viewers and fellow RVers. Do you think RV Manufacturers should join us for candid and unscripted segments? Do you think the Wingman should give them the opportunity? Do you think Manufacturer’s will actually agree to come on the air to answer questions?