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Feb 21, 2020

In this weeks episode of the RV Show USA: 

Have you ever heard of the telephone game, you know the one where to tell one person a quick line or two and they repeat to the next, and by the end of the came the message is completely turned around from what it originally was? In this weeks monologue the RV Wingman discusses...

Feb 14, 2020

The RV Wingman has gives his the down right and ugly truth about knowing what we know, and what we don't. 

He also Visits with Karl Miller from Flagstaff A Div. of Forest River about RV Education and Quality Control in this weeks Ask The Manufacturer. 

RV Nana discusses planning a family event at a RV Park/Campground...

Feb 7, 2020

RV News (some of it crazy) on The RV Show USA

The RV Wingman provides a couple of recent headlines in the way of RVs, RVers and news that RVers are interested in as well as his thoughts on changing your video diet (intake) of junk videos on YouTube and a gentle suggestion to focus on less drama and more on solid...

Feb 3, 2020

Harry & Meghan, a Wife Beating RV Dealer, Poop and more!

Did you see the fake news about Harry and Meghan becoming RVers? Think you’re pretty good at spotting fake news? I’m not so sure any of us are. One of the country’s largest RV Dealers has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault of his wife (by smashing her head...

Jan 24, 2020


RV Station Grand Opening Celebration!

Cannon Combs with RV Station tells us about their upcoming grand opening in Donna, Texas (the epicenter for Winter Texans and those who want to escape cold weather). More than telling us about RV Station’s grand opening events, we learn why it’s important to consider...