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Dec 19, 2019

RV Wingman Monologue- It’s not MY fault!

Why is it that every thinks they are a responsible person until they have to accept responsibility for things they did or did not do? Then, accepting responsibility is the last thing most people will do. The RV Wingman discusses the “R” word and shares some stories on how accepting responsibility at every opportunity has been the clearest path towards his success (but not necessarily the most pleasant). How does “responsibility” relate to RVers? And why is this important? The RV Wingman tells you (and you may not like everything you hear). Let us know what you think by posting your comments or call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman. We may use some of your call on the air. If we do you could win a prize.


Fighting Ignorance with RV Classes

Most first-time RVers make mistakes when they purchase their first RV because they don’t know what to ask. They don’t know what to look for. They don’t know how to tell a well-made RV from a “pretty” but poorly made entry level RV. RV Station’s Cannon Combs shares his plans for their upcoming RV Ed classes at 2020 and why every newbie and soon-to-be RV owner should attend BEFORE buying an RV from anyone at any price. RV Station is Texas’ premier RV Dealer that holds free monthly Classes for RVers no matter where they bought their RV (or if they don’t even have an RV). The classes are for educational purposes only. There is no selling of any kind in the classes. In fact, you can’t even buy an RV at an RV class. But you will leave a smarter and better informed RV buyer. Let us know what you think of these RV Classes by posting your comments or call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman. We may use some of your call on the air. If we do, you could win a prize.


Christmas time giveaway at PPL Motorhomes

With RV Nana on Christmas break, the RV Wingman holds a giveaway for listener/viewers of great RV supplies and explains the touching story of the PPL Teddy Bears and how they are used by the men and women in blue (Houston police officers and others in law enforcement) for children that are caught in the crossfire in domestic disputes and accidents. At no charge, PPL provides these cuddly bears for officers to give to children to help ease a tense situation. It’s a tradition that PPL started a decade ago. Since then, thousands and thousands of Teddy Bears have been given away by police officers in Texas. The Wingman also gives away a box of RV goodies to folks catching the Live Stream on this Christmas segment of The RV Show USA


Nuggetbrain Wayne, the Treasure Seeker!

According to The RV Wingman’s guest, we are all Treasure Seekers of one kind or another. Nuggetbrain Wayne Peterson is the President of the World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers; a group of enthusiastic Treasure Seekers who do everything from use metal detectors to pan for gold. According to this RVing enthusiast, Treasure seeking and RVing go hand in hand and many motorhomes you see on the road have a metal detector inside and an adventurous Treasure seeker nearby. Nuggetbrain Wayne’s enthusiasm is contagious and his organization appeals to both the young and the young-at-heart. Are you a Treasure Seeker? Let us know your thoughts by posting below or call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman. We may use some of  your call on the air. If we do, you could win a prize.  

Dec 13, 2019

What do E.T. and the Wingman have in common?

The RV Wingman was told that he needed to be Liked by everyone in the RV Industry and to stop saying anything negative if The RV Show USA had any chance of succeeding. In January, the popular show celebrates 3 years of being on the air and things are going better than ever in spite of ruffling a few feathers. So what do E.T. and the Wingman have in common? How important it is to be liked by everyone to realize success? What should you do if others are “dumping” on YOUR dream? You’ll find out what the RV Wingman suggests in this monologue. Let us know what you think. 


A Smelly RV is going to cost you!

They say a skunk can’t smell its own scent but what does that have to do with your RV? Everything according to Diana LeBlanc-Link from PPL Motorhomes. Diana shares stories of how smells (stinky RVs) can be almost unmarketable in the resale market. What causes RVs to take on so many odors? What can be done to prevent odors from embedding themselves in your RV? What can you do to eliminate odors in your RV? We’ll talk about all the smelly details in this quick segment. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Post your comments or better yet, call and leave a voicemail. We may play your call on the air. 


RV Wingman and Camping World- It’s not what you think!

There has been no more outspoken voice representing RVers when it comes to some of the tactics America’s largest RV Dealership uses than The RV Wingman. From disgruntled employees, ex-employees to oodles of furious customers and even heirs to those who felt fleeced, you think you’ve heard it all, right? In this segment, the Wingman shares his current thoughts on this retail juggernaut and takes a phone call from an RVer who was forced to deal with Camping World (Gander RV) along I-95 in Florida. The caller’s experience at Camping World/Gander RV is…. Well, not what you may expect. Let us know what you think. 


Can having BEDBUGS be a blessing?

I think most people would agree that experiencing bedbugs would be miserable. But The RV Wingman hears how an infestation of biting bedbugs actually helped be the stimulus for Izzy and MJ to get into the RV lifestyle. As content creators on their YouTube Channel “Endless RVing”, Izzy and MJ laugh about the bedbugs now. From biting bedbugs to being “bitten by the RV bug”, Endless RVing is crazy passionate about the RV lifestyle and what RVing does for their family. In this short interview, we learn about another fantastic YouTube content creator that is experiencing life to the fullest while exploring our great country with their RV. Let us know what you think. Post your comments or better yet, call and leave a voicemail. We may play your call on the air. 


Dammit! I wish I would’ve….

It happens to everyone who buys a new RV. What did you find out that you wish you would have known BEFORE you bought your RV? That’s the topic of this video. It’s done in an effort to help others (Newbies and those soon to buy their first RV) to avoid making some common RV buying mistakes that are both financially and emotionally costly. Let us know what you think. Post your comments or better yet, call and leave a voicemail. We may play your call on the air. 











Dec 6, 2019

Is The RV Dummy really a Dummy?

Dr. Dave aka: The RV Dummy joins the RV Wingman for his first (and not to be last) show appearance on The RV Show USA. What a fantastic guy; smart, enthusiastic, helpful, approachable and super honest. Dr. Dave shares a couple of stories with the Wingman. This man’s enthusiasm for RVing and helping others is contagious; making him a future “star” on his YouTube Channel called “The RV Dummy”. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Post your comments below or better yet, call and leave a message on our 24 hour voicemail. We may play your message on the air and you could win a prize. Leave your message 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman.

RV Nana just wrapped up another successful Tuesday Tips event at PPL Motorhomes. The theme was “Home for the Holidays/RV Style”. Find out more about these fun and free, monthly events as well as what famous sports celebrity stopped by and paid a visit. Hint: He’s retired from the Houston Rockets and one of the greatest players to ever play basketball. We’ll get her read on the influx of Winter Texans that are moving to the Rio Grand Valley for the next several months and learn about her newest “baby”. Spoiler alert: It’s an RV (but it’s dolled up the way that only RV Nana can do)!


The Can-Man Clan overwhelms Santa (and more)!

Cannon Combs from RV Station (known by his friends as The Can-Man) shares his story of visiting Santa Claus and having his family picture taken with the Big Guy himself. It’s NOT the typical Santa photo for sure! Cannon also tackles some viewer questions about their RV and gives a preview of their upcoming RV Class at 7 of his RV Station locations. RV Station is leading the nation in educating RVers with free monthly classes that are open to anyone no matter where they bought their RV. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Post your comments below or better yet, call and leave a message on our 24 hour voicemail. We may play your message on the air and you could win a prize. Leave your message 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman.


RV Wingman Eats Crow!

Thanksgiving dinner was special for the RV Wingman; different than any other. In this monologue, the Wingman tells us how Thanksgiving unfolded for he and his wife (and more than 100 hungry guests at Big Chief) including a trip to the hospital emergency room and eating plenty of crow. How long does it take for the proverbial “light bulb” to come on in YOUR brain? For the Wingman, it only took 6 years! And how does “crow taste”? Listen and find out. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Post your comments below or better yet, call and leave a message on our 24 hour voicemail. We may play your message on the air and you could win a prize. Leave your message 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman.



Nov 22, 2019

Segment 1: Crazy Camper or a Sexist Wingman?

A disillusioned Newbie RVer is steaming mad at the Wingman and for reasons that are somewhat unusual to say the least. This is an example of how Good Advice can be misinterpreted. In this monologue the Wingman responds to an “odd email” with a message of Responsibility. Further, he suggests that accepting responsibility and being a happy camper go hand in glove and why those who are unwilling to accept responsibility might not be cut out to be an RVer.

Segment 2:

Enjoy The Journey Joins The RV Wingman

Tom and Cheri Kennemore ignored the opinions of others when they shared their dream of living full-time in an RV. Instead, they set a course for chasing adventure while living on the road. After 5 years of travel and years of producing videos of their adventures on Enjoy The Journey, Tom and Cheri have advice for others who may be facing obstacles or strange looks from others who don’t understand what freedom of the road can mean to those with a lust for travel. From visiting the dentist in Mexico to exploring hidden gems, Tom and Cheri share their fascinating story with The RV Wingman. #enjoythejourney

Segment 3:

Wintering in South Texas- Is it safe?

If one only listens and watches the news, stories abound about tragedy along border states. But the reality is far from that. The reality according to Kristi Collier is that the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas is among the safest communities in the country. It’s also a mecca for those seeking warmer climate when the snow begins falling up north. Low cost of living, warm and sunny weather, friendly people, excellent health care and an abundance of activities makes South Texas a growing favorite for Winter Texans and “Converted Texans” as well. #wintertexans

Segment 4:

The Can-Man joins the Wingman!

RV Industry Veteran Cannon Combs, has an extraordinarily busy life. With 5 young kids who provide him with endless “excitement” and a wife who keeps them on track, Cannon joins the Wingman to discuss “Expectations”. What are realistic expectations RV buyers should have when buying a used RV? Why are having realistic expectations important? What’s the latest on Cannon’s new store opening and why are folks in central Texas cheering? It’s another fun, informative and funny visit with one of Texas’ most respected and loved RV dealers. #rvnation


Let us know what you think. Post your comments or call and leave a message 24/7 on our voicemail. We may use your call on the show and if we do, we may send you a prize. Call 24/7 1-330-Wingman. #thervwingman #thervshowusa

Nov 15, 2019

Janine Pettit (aka: Girl Camper) has just completed her first ever “Camper College”; a 3-day event designed for Women to learn the basics of RVing safety including towing, electrical, propane systems and more. This hands on event was attended by women from across the country and from all different levels of experience with RVing. Find out how Camper College went and if there may plans for similar events in the future. Plus, learn what the Girl Camper has on her schedule for the coming months.

Nov 14, 2019

Segment One: A first-time RV buyer/owner writes to the Wingman to share his experiences and disappointment in the new (used) RV he purchased. The listener feels like he was screwed by the Seller and now feels like the Wingman is blaming him for his RV issues. This is a great example of Buyer Beware! Was the Wingman too hard on the listener? Or should the listener be responsible for his purchase?

Segment Two: Canadian full-time RVers Kent and Lisa Pederson have only been living full time in an RV for about a year. As YouTube content creators and traveling enthusiasts, the Pedersons share what motivated them to sell everything and downsize. What was the event that led them to sell everything and live in an RV? And how are they fairing living as minimalists? What advice do they have for others who decide to take this journey? Join Kent and Lisa as they visit with The RV Wingman and we learn more about “Living Light RV”.

Segment Three: RV Nana just wrapped up another successful Tuesday Tips event at PPL Motorhomes. The theme was “Home for the Holidays/RV Style”. Find out more about these fun and free, monthly events as well as what famous sports celebrity stopped by and paid a visit. Hint: He’s retired from the Houston Rockets and one of the greatest players to ever play basketball. We’ll get her read on the influx of Winter Texans that are moving to the Rio Grand Valley for the next several months and learn about her newest “baby”. Spoiler alert: It’s an RV (but it’s dolled up the way that only RV Nana can do)!

Segment Four: More and more RVers seem to be wanting to hear folks from the RV Industry (Manufacturers) as a Guest on the Show. The Wingman talks about the idea and solicits input from listeners, viewers and fellow RVers. Do you think RV Manufacturers should join us for candid and unscripted segments? Do you think the Wingman should give them the opportunity? Do you think Manufacturer’s will actually agree to come on the air to answer questions?

Nov 8, 2019

The terror attacks on September 11, 2001 had a profound impact on most Americans, especially with Chris Heisler. Chris is the founder of The Honor Network, a 501 c-3 non-profit dedicated to memorializing those Heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for their family, community and country. It also serves to foster education of the American public regarding all Heroes, past and present, and their organizations, including police, fire, and our nation’s military. In this interview with The RV Wingman, Chris shares his story about the beginnings of the Honor Flag that has traveled more than 7 million miles so far and touched the lives of countless people (many who were not even alive on 9/11).

Nov 7, 2019

Segment One: Full-timers, Part-timers, Newbies, traveling nurses, construction workers and more. There are many different kinds of RVers. But how do we define what an RVer actually is? In this monologue, the RV Wingman shares his thoughts on RVing and RVers and asks “Who made  YOU the expert?” He also has some suggestions that may help us see “those people” (who are different than we are) in a little different light. More than a consumer advocate for RVers, the RV Wingman gets a bit philosophical in this short segment.

Segments Two & Three: Tom and Cait Morton are “movers”, big time. A full-time RVing couple that’s documented their travels and adventures since 2015 on their YouTube Channel “Mortons on the Move”, Tom and Cait join the RV Wingman with stories from their epic 6-month long trip to Alaska; using in a pickup truck camper as their home base. From walking on glaciers to observing magnificent wildlife to angling for monster-size halibut, kayaking, hiking and more, the Go North series the Mortons have created will inspire and motivate you to go to Alaska (or at least to put it on your bucket list)! They also visit about their starring roles in the upcoming TV Series on the Discovery Channel called “The RVers”. Great young people and very inspiring!

Segment Four: Cannon Combs is one cool-dude. In this short interview he tells of narrowly escaping the jaws of a T-Rex in Hawaii, shares one of his phobias (spoiler alert: they have 8 legs) and gives us a preview of RV Station’s upcoming RV Class to be held on November 13 at all 7 of his Texas locations. Cannon is always a lot of fun to listen to and his life is never boring! You’ll also see understand why this dynamo of the RV Industry so well respected and successful. If there is an “it” (quality) that successful people have, Cannon Combs has that “it”.

Oct 25, 2019

RV Consumer Advocate and RV Industry Veteran and Founder of The RV Advisor, Gigi Stetler believes that RVers need representation at the national level in Washington, DC. In this extended interview with The RV Wingman, Gigi gives specific, real-world examples of consumers who have benefitted from their Membership with The RV Advisor. As the only RV Consumer Advocacy Group that we know of, we wish Gigi the best of success and are hopeful that the RVing community will embrace their efforts. Post your comments here or better yet, call and leave a voicemail 24/7 to 1-330-Wingman. We may play part of your phone call on the show. If so, you could win a prize.

Oct 24, 2019

Segment One: In this quick moving segment, The RV Wingman visits with his friend Roger “Hurricane” Wilson about his upcoming private concert in Texas, folks will hear about a proposed Caribbean cruise where fans of the Show can join the Wingman and our Show family for a full week on board Royal Caribbean in 2020. Plus, some feedback from one of the Wingman’s recent monologues.

Segment Two: Life changed quickly for YouTube stars Chad and Tara when they learned of a serious health condition. What was the medical diagnosis that caused them to “Change Lanes” so quickly and how has it worked out for them? Find out how this young couple is enjoying every bit of life they can while living full time in their RV. We’ll also hear some of Chad and Tara’s favorite experiences and some of their less-than-memorable moments over the past 2 years in this short interview with The RV Wingman. 

Segment Three: RV Nana from PPL Motorhomes dishes about the World Series excitement surrounding folks in Houston. PPL salutes our Veterans with a special offer and we’ll try and find out what RV Nana was doing in a Giant Rubber Ducky recently in Las Vegas! We have pictures! 

Segment Four: 

Paul and Lorena Charron began their adventure in a motorhome. Not knowing where the adventure would lead them or how long they would travel, they called this chapter in their life “The Motorhome Experiment”. Over the past 2 years, Paul and Lorena have visited hundreds of breathtaking destinations and experienced all kinds of activities and “dishes” while they are conducting “The Motorhome Experiment”. From the looks of this YouTube couple’s video, the “experiment” is a great excuse for having fun and squeezing the most out of life.

Oct 18, 2019

Segment One: Alan Warren dishes on three components of the RV Industry (Manufacturers, Dealers and Consumers) and gives his take on WHO is responsible for WHAT. According to the Wingman, if you find yourself in a financial grave or you have purchased an RV with inherent problems (when there are resources available to steer you AWAY from them and avoid making mistakes), the responsibility is that on the Consumer; not on the manufacturer. He also has some advice on what manufacturers may need to do to build a better relationship with consumers.

Segments Two & Three: David Crossett is the creator of a one-of-a-kind series of online classes that are designed to help RVers “get to the fun faster” with RV Masters. This course is designed for every kind of RVer and is done in bite-size lessons that can be taken at your own pace. Crossett opens up about the reason he created the courses. (Hint: he made an impulsive decision to buy an RV without any knowledge of how an RV even works)! Determined to educate others, Crossett’s courses will make you a smarter RVer and a happy camper.

Segment Four: Master DIY expert Brian Pursel is one of the country’s top producers of how-to videos. His specialty? RV videos. With an RV he purchased back in 2007, Brian continues to make improvements and repairs ranging from solar installs to remodels and everything in-between. Brian’s passion for DIY projects is complimented by his on-camera presentation. Easy to watch, filled with great information and encouragement, Brian believes almost anyone can make most RV repairs, save money and realize tremendous pride from a job they did on their own. Check out

Oct 17, 2019

RV Lemon Lawyer Ron Burdge discusses the significance of the recent decision by the Illinois Supreme Court and how it may affect RVers nationwide if they have purchased a defective RV. Will this decision inspire and motivate RV Dealers to do a better job of inspecting RVs when they arrive from the manufacturer, prepping them for customers and to perform a more complete PDI’s? Listen to Ron’s interview with The RV Wingman and decide for yourself. Knowledge is power!

Oct 3, 2019

Segment One: The RV Wingman recently returned from Elkhart, Indiana with a new perspective on the RV Industry and the small town that so many RV Manufacturers call home. In this monologue, he suggests that we can all benefit if we are open to changing our minds. It’s not easy but it can be done.

Segment Two: It’s the 3rd brick wall that John and Mercedes have experienced since their full-time RVing adventure began last year. What difficulties do these full-timers experience and how will they get through them? They also share their experience with the folks at the Forest River Sandpiper Plant when they returned to have some work done on their 5th wheel. Let’s just say the treatment they received was not what they expected.

Segment Three: PPL’s Diana LeBlanc-Link dishes on a variety of subjects including the awesome kids in FFA (and their parents), how every night in a campground is like Neighborhood Night Out, why she is taking Tuesday Tips on the Road and more in this fast moving, fun segment.

Segment Four: In this monologue, The RV Wingman tells of how he wanted to kill one of his friends after doing something incredibly stupid. Then he shares and embarrassing tale of how his stupendously stupid decision to take on a mountain lion could have ended in disaster. The takeaway of this monologue? We are all capable of doing things that we will regret (if we live through the experience).

Sep 27, 2019

The Graphics Girl, Miss Katy Warren, takes over The RV Show USA. She starts us off by checking in on her dad and The RV Wingman, Alan Warren. He reports from the “belly of the beast” of the RV Industry (Elkhart, Indiana) and gives his perspective on what he’s learned. You’ll be surprised at what he says. Is he wimping out and drinking the Kool-Aid? Then, training your dog can be “ruff,” but holistic dog behavior expert Roman Gottfried returns to The RV Show USA to answer viewers questions and help you create a stronger and healthier relationship with your furry friends.

Sep 20, 2019

The majority of new RVs being sold today come with at least one slide out. Slide outs are fantastic (when they work properly). In this online class on slide outs, we’ll visit with 3 different Certified RV Technicians to get their tips, suggestions, comments and stories that will help you learn the differences between slide outs and how to keep your slide outs working properly for a long time. Plus, you’ll learn some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to slide out maintenance. 


Sep 19, 2019

Segment One: What kind of advice does the RV Wingman have for prospective RV buyers who are scared they are buying a lemon? Is there a good way to approach the RV buying process? Alan Warren shares some thoughts that can help settle your nerves if you’re worried that you may be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous RV Dealer.

Segment Two: The Gray Adventure has decided to give up full-time RV living, sell their RV and go back to a sticks n’ bricks home. Why? Is this family of 4 through with RVing for good? Nick Gray tells The RV Wingman how their family fulfilled their dream of traveling and living full-time and the transition back to a life of sticks n’ bricks. Post your thoughts and comments here or call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman.

Segment Three: RV Detailing professional Andrew Steele is crazy about his business and crazy about RVs. In this short interview, Andrew Steele shares some tips on caring for your RV’s appearance as well as some stories of the beautiful RVs he has worked on. One thing Andrew never leaves behind when he’s out detailing is his video camera. And does he ever capture some fabulous looking rigs for his YouTube Channel! Post your thoughts and comments here or call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman.

Segment Four: Are you tired of the snarky, rude comments that seem to be everyone online? Do you run into people who seem to have forgotten about good manners? Do you think we’re able to turn this trend around? The RV Wingman shares his frustration at people who’ve lost their manners and makes a simple suggestion that could make the world a better place. Really. Post your thoughts and comments here or call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman.

Sep 13, 2019

As a birthday gift to herself, The RV Advisor’s Gigi Stetler decided to help people whose RV just can’t seem to get out of the shop at Camping World. Gigi calls B.S. on most of the excuses and stories that RVers hear regarding poor service and the difficulty in getting Camping World to make repairs in a timely manner. We’ll chat with Gigi along with 2 of the folks whom she is rescuing from “RV Purgatory” and her plans for rescuing others.

Sep 12, 2019

Segment One: Is it stupid to forget to turn the water off when you leave your RV parked for weeks at a time? Or is it simply being forgetful? The RV Wingman shares a couple of stories from his Campground that may make you “think twice” (and help you to avoid being stupid… or rather, “forgetful”.

Segment Two:There are few families that share any more zest for adventure and the open road than the Loftis Party of 6. This young family shares their “Why” as well as some of the challenges they face as they live life to the fullest in their Class A motorhome. Choosing “quality of life” over “quantity of stuff”, the Loftis Party of 6 is richer than they ever imagined.

Segment Three: RV Nana discusses RVing with Children and the importance of unplugging and we’ll find out about PPL Motorhomes most recent Tuesday Tips.

Segment Four: With so many tax laws, how do they effect RVers? What can you deduct? What can you not deduct? What do full-time RVers need to know about the tax law? The RV Wingman interviews a CPA who has been doing tax work for businesses and individuals for 35 years. He’s also an RVer. He’ll share some valuable information that you may want to consider when speaking with your own tax advisor.

Sep 5, 2019

Segment One:

RV Station’s Cannon Combs has an extra busy life. Married with 5 kids and 7 RV stores, Cannon doesn’t have a lot of extra time to do much of anything. But life has a funny way of surprising us all. Oops! After a wet intro, Cannon shares his thoughts on the growing interest (and need) for RV Education classes with The RV Wingman and their upcoming class on Slide-outs.

Segment Two:

Matt Foxcroft has discovered a formula for growing his highly energized and very informative YouTube Channel by sharing his honest reviews of RVs. How honest? Very! Even the things he does NOT like in new RVs, Matt’s unique style and presentation is addicting.

Segment Three:

PPL’s Diana LeBlanc-Link shares some great advice on what to look for when shopping for a used RV.

Segment Four:

Retired from the Navy, Phil and Stacy Farley have sold their home, ditched most of their “things” and headed out to discover America “their way”. The Farley’s have a saying…. “Today is Someday” and each day is an adventure for a most likeable and very disciplined RV enthusiasts. Catch their YouTube Channel, You, Me & The RV

Aug 30, 2019

Mike Sokol from RV Travel is one of the smartest human beings on earth when it comes to electricity and RV electrical issues. Soon to celebrate his 10th year of writing for RV Travel, Mike Sokol can troubleshoot almost any electrical problem. In this interview with The RV Wingman, Mike shares some thoughts on NEC’s new rules that will apply to new RV Parks/Campgrounds in 2020. Hint: He’s not a big fan of them (and for good reason). If you are looking for a source of SOLUTIONS to electrical issues both large and small, Mike Sokol is your guy!

Aug 29, 2019

Segment One:

When most RV Dealers nationally are experiencing a significant downturn in their business in 2019; not all are. The RV Wingman tries to dig in to RV Station’s secrets of success with its owner, Cannon Combs. How does a seasoned veteran of the RV Industry feel about the future of the Industry? What does he see around the corner? Are we headed for another repeat of 2008-2009? Is a crash inevitable? Or, will this be a time when the “cream” rises to the top? In this short chat, you’ll get a good feel for the “Why” Cannon’s RV Dealerships are continuing to do well (even in a slowing economy).

Segment Two:

Cory and Brooke Blackmon are so passionate about camping, they are so happy spending time in the out-of-doors, that they even asked for a “Tent” on their wedding registry! Since that time, their family has grown and so has their love for camping. The Tent has been replaced by an RV and this normal family from Georgia are now called the “Wandering Weekends” on their YouTube Channel. Although they have “real jobs” most of the week, Cory and Brooke spend some 20 weekends a year enjoying the RV Lifestyle and teaching their kids some valuable lessons.

Segment Three:

It’s been 20 years since TRVA has given the prestigious “Bill White Award” to one of its members. Earlier this month, Diana LeBlanc-Link (RV Nana) from PPL Motorhomes was totally blindsided when TRVA recognized her as a true leader in the RV Industry in Texas; someone who is always helping others in a selfless manner and in countless ways. Diana shares her thoughts about receiving this special award as well as the important work that TRVA does for RVers in her home state of Texas.

Segment Four: 

The RV Wingman has landed a good one with Josh Winters, The RV Nerd! Josh joins the show for his first appearance and shares some of his background in the RV Industry. Known by RVers and the RV Industry as a “straight shooter”, Josh The RV Nerd has built a huge following on his YouTube Channel; where he reviews RVs but also provides some editorial/commentary that truly separates him from others who are simply Salespeople in the RV World. What fires Josh up? What motivates him? What kind of pushback does he receive from the RV Industry when he says things that may go against the grain? Find out in this short but informative interview between The RV Wingman and The RV Nerd!


Aug 22, 2019

Segment One: 

What would the RV Wingman do if he owned an RV Dealership? He shares some thoughts in a hypothetical what-if scenario and how he thinks some RVers would welcome the idea. Plus the wordiest parking lot sign in the world? It just could be!

Segments Two & Three: 

After only 9 months being full-time RVers, The RV Odd Couple made $5,000 in one month. What did it take to do this? What’s their secret? Are there any shortcuts? Do YOU have what it takes to make $5,000 a month from YouTube? The RV Odd Couple is now helping others to achieve their own success and avoid making many time consuming and costly mistakes. This interview will provide a glimpse at what makes the RV Odd Couple a success and may help inspire you in finding your own path towards generating a good income while enjoying the RV Lifestyle. 

Segment Four:

Meteorologist and Emergency Preparedness specialist Cheryl Nelson shares her thoughts on being prepared for any kind of natural emergency. From storms and floods to fires and earthquakes, most Americans are not properly prepared. Cheryl also discusses how a Cummins Generator (at home on in your RV) can provide the peace of mind to get you through most disasters (while keeping the lights on and keep you cool in the process).

Aug 18, 2019

Segment One: Have you ever heard of a tire blowout happening when a tire was sitting still? It happens more often that most people know. The RV Wingman gives his account of this freak blowout and attempts to explain it in not-so-technical terms. Plus, did you know that Ford F-350’s come with a reserve fuel tank? That’s what one RVer believed. Is this really true?

Segment Two: RVers Jerry and Jeani Codrey are full-time RVers who make a good living while traveling the country. Sometimes their travels are interrupted. Most recently, by a duck named “Jeff”. The Codrey’s share the story of their feathered friend as well as discuss how they are able to make a fine living and live for free in some of the best campgrounds in the nation.

Segment Three: Are YOU ready for an RV Emergency? Crisis situations happen when we least expect them and being prepared can sometimes make the difference between life and death. In this informative segment, PPL Motorhomes’s Diana LeBlanc-Link (aka: RV Nana) shares some of the things on her RV Emergency List.

Segment Four: Roger "Hurricane" Wilson joins The RV Wingman to discuss changes happening to his 2019 Rolling RV Rally, music, and more.


Aug 17, 2019

With 32 years in the RV Industry, Gigi Stetler has seen it all. A ferocious fighter and successful business woman, Gigi is also one of Florida’s most-loved RV Dealers (loved by her customers). In this interview, Gigi shares some of her tragic back-story that helped make her the successful business leader she is today. These experiences have also put her on a new journey as she heads up the first national group to support RV Consumers when they may struggle to get their RV out of RV Service Purgatory. She also details the Camping World Challenge, what it is and how she wants to show that quick, quality RV service is possible (when you choose the right RV Dealer).


Aug 11, 2019

Gigi Stetler with The RV Advisor says she doesn’t hate Camping World but she hates hearing the seemingly endless stories from Camping World customers who cannot seem to get their RV out of the Service Department! Gigi is going to help 5 Camping World customers by fixing their RV for FREE! 


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